OpenERP Connector

OpenERP Connector is a powerful framework to develop any kind of bi-directional connector between OpenERP (Open Source ERP) and any other software or service.

This OpenERP add-on has a modular and generic core, with the ability to be extended with additional modules for new features or customizations.

The development of OpenERP Connector has been started by Camptocamp and is now maintained by Camptocamp, Akretion and several Contributors.

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Core Features

  • 100% Open Source (AGPL version 3): the full source code is available on GitHub
  • Not only designed to connect OpenERP with e-commerce backends, rather it is adaptable to connect OpenERP with any type of service.
  • Robust for high volumetries and easy to monitor thanks to a Jobs Queue.
  • A flexible set of building blocks, it does not force to a certain implementation but leaves the final choice to the developer on how to use the proposed pieces.
  • See a Code Overview with examples of code

Connectors based on the framework

  • Magento Connector
  • Prestashop Connector
  • solerp (Solr Connector)
  • OpenERP Multi Company
  • CMIS
  • Develop easily and rapidly your own connector based on this powerful framework and list your project on this page! Examples:
    • E-Commerce: OpenERP OsCommerce connector, OpenERP Drupal Commerce connector, OpenERP Spree connector, OpenERP Ebay connector, OpenERP Amazon connector…
    • CMS: OpenERP Wordpress connector…
    • CRM: OpenERP SugarCRM connector, OpenERP Zabbix connector…
    • Project Management: OpenERP Redmine connector…
    • Ticketing: OpenERP Request Tracker connector, OpenERP GLPI connector…

Top financial contributors

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